Barack Obama Is Smooth Jazz - Boring But Soothing

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When the third debate was over I wasn't sure who won.

Clearly John McCain did better than he had during his last two debates.

However, it was really hard to judge the effectiveness of his attacks.

The immediate talking head response was that Barack Obama had been, "professorial", "flat", "boring", "zzz".

What they missed was that the American people wanted to listen to some smooth jazz.

Usually we buy rock n roll and hip hop records in this country, but after a rock n roll ride through the stock market and the economy - we needed something a little more mellow.

Something that in ordinary times might put you to sleep, but when your life is stressed (or when you are hoping to get it on) fits just right.

Barack "The Oasis" Obama decidedly won the third debate - not with a guitar string breaking performance - but with tightly orchestrated relaxing studio music.

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Anonymous said...

I like your comparison to jazz music, that's a pretty striking way to put it. It fits, especially in this third debate.

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