stand up economy!

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Stand Up Economy!


as much as i would like to just joke on biden for his erroneous call for action for the poor senator to stand, that's not what this is about (though extremely amusing). and, as much as i would like to go passively through this presidential race while my moderately left to extremely left blog counterparts are commenting on the state of affairs of our economy, i must give my two cents worth while still creating original artistic content. 


the capital gains tax will not help our economy.  it may help the national deficit. whoopty friggin' doo.  as businesses who have invested in their business plans and properties finally get a glimpse at a returning market, the profit margin will be limited by the increased taxes and will give little incentive for others to again invest in the housing market.  also, the increased capital gains taxes will decrease the amount that americans can put away into the banks.  as sbb so eloquently described it, if there is no money in the bank, credit will not be given and the economy again is crippled.  mccain who offers a plan of options for the tax payers, does not encourage creating future loop holes for businesses while having a less skewed tax curve that supports economic growth of small and large businesses. 


more to come.  bailouts and nuts.  yes, nuts.  acorn is both nuts and a questionable organization. discuss amongst yourselves. i'm feeling a bit verklempt.

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Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous. This cartoon is nothing like what actually happened, Biden was praising the senator, and telling him to stand up and take a bow, which is nothing like what your president, mr. bush did, making fun of the blind man for his "shades". Besides, Biden is for raising taxes, but you're taking it out of context. Biden want's to raise taxes for the wealthy upper class americans, the ones who have enough money as it is. While Senator McCain is for raising taxes for the Poor and Middle class americans. Which will not only create more problems for these people, but also gain less money for our country, which just so happens to be at a multi-trillion dollar deficit.

So in reality, just by looking at this FACT, who is going to help our suffering economy more? most likely Obama and Biden, the people this crappy cartoon is targeting.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

Of course it's not what happened. It's satirical.
As for our debt, it's about 40% of GDP, relatively solid compared to the 1990's. You must look at it in comparison to the GDP in order for "this huge deficit" to mean anything: .

Mccain is not taxing the poor and middle any more than the upper class (he's still keeping the tier system, bro). But who is it that gives the jobs to the poor and the middld? the upper class who needs the capital that the increased taxes take away. Therefore, if the upper class lose money, development slows and job market slows, again, hurting "the people this crappy cartoon is targeting." i thought it was fairly witty. oh well, back to the drawing board. get it, drawing board.

arvillah said...

Indeed, your cartoon does take it to another level. I'm sure this Sen. Graham fellow also looks like a crash-test dummy in real life.
About the economy... I have to admit, I don't completely understand all that's going on. However what if the wealthy put their money in foreign banks? All the financial experts on t.v. are telling us not to panic but people still do.

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