Paul's Poem

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Who are you - joy stealer?
Why attempt to snatch away my prize?

Why must you haunt me -
though I have not arrived?

Even in darkness, when I lay
by myself, I close my eyes and see you

clinging to the back of my eyelids,
even after 30 years of good works

of letters to Asia Minor,
of Galatians and Philippians,

of poems that found heartland,
one inch away from the abyss.

So I press and I press
trading the comfort of your touch

for loneliness, for unrelenting nightmares of my past,
paralyzed in a dank jail cell - joy deceiver

you thought you could hold me then,
wipe away my tears, hug me tight,

seduce me to slumber, but I turned
my soul heavenward. Visions

of my new self sparkling, bursting with light,
a sonflare, my future prize -

Look at what the Lord hath made!
Let us Rejoice and be glad in Him!

I will not be yours tonight - joy reaper
and nay even in weeping you are subdued.

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

joy stealers... emotional vampires... i know those two!
enjoyed my visit today

AscenderRisesAbove said...
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