Obama Is Black, McCain's Old, Palin is Female, and Republicans are White

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The following post is swagger jacked from Roland Martin - you can read his version here.

Barack Obama is B-L-A-C-K!

John McCain is O-L-D!

Sarah Palin is a W-O-M-A-N!

Republicans are W-H-I-T-E!

More to the point some people won't vote for Barack Obama because he is black, no matter how many great speeches he gives, no matter how much they like his ideas and no matter how much they agree with his policies.

Some people won't vote for Palin because she is a woman and don't think a woman can handle being President or Vice-President.

Some people won't vote for John McCain just because he is old, regardless of the fact that he has had some great ideas in the last eight years, and is obviously in good enough health to face the rigors of a national campaign.

Whenever T.V. heads and pundits talk about "small town rural A" and "Walmart moms" and "hockey moms" that Sarah Palin and McCain are appealing to, they are talking about WHITE people.

And the Good Ol Party, the Republican Party, is made up almost entirely of white people - to call the GOP diverse is laughable.

So this whole argument and befuddlement about "why Obama can't seem to connect with small town voters" is just another way of saying that white voters have a hard time connecting with a black man running for president.

Clearly black people don't have a problem "connecting" with Obama - he is part of their tribe.

But what everyone is tight-roping around is the fact that gender, race, and age all are going to play a huge role in this election - maybe even greater than personality and issues.

This is an extremely close election - we all know this.

If enough people decide not to vote for McCain/Palin because McCain is old and there is a better than normal chance that Palin - a woman - might become president, then McCain will lose.

If enough people decide not to vote for Obama because they can't connect with a black man, that they refuse to vote outside of their tribe, then Barack Obama will lose.

And during an election where things like "truth" don't seem to matter anymore (especially not to the Republican party) - I would not be surprised to see some good ol fashioned race-baiting before this is done.

Unfortunately, there have been people that have used both "faith and flag" to cover up racism for centuries.

If you had to be old, female, or black in this election - what would you choose?

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