ms. frizzle and the gang begin to explore atlanta

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Mark this as the first time after moving to atlanta a week ago that i ventured out and explored atlanta on my own.  the small summer shade festival  in grant park created a lovely atmosphere to roam from booth to booth as visual art in all of its forms spilled onto the pathways.  sure there was music, we'll get there in a second but boy were there characters.  i met some good fellows saving the trees in grant park.  this felt odd because i thought i had read that grant park was a nature conservancy.  perhaps my definition of conservancy was a bit off.  anywho, i met tree climbers, radio dj's, photographers, a masseur, and countless painters.  thus brings me to the lovely picture that brings back memories that most early twenty some-things hold dear to their hearts.  unfortunately i did not meet ms. frizzle myself but i did hear a tale of a special man out of my home state, north carolina. 

once there was this unique man who lived on a hill.  this hill had a chapel and a famous well.  this well had many visitors like hamm, jordan, carter, and worthy, but it had a special visitor that did not often venture far from his modest home.  instead he dreamt of the simple things.  he saw the possibilities that could be and decided he would express his visions with what he saw around him.  literally, he found things around his house and created a yard full of critters.  clyde jones built a wooden zoo, created his dream car, and a bit of a following.  he not only has a following, he has disciples.  his disciples take this dream car and share his message and hopes for peace and joy.  though i did not get to meet the fellow, i did feel like i got a glimpse at the legend

DSC01781 DSC01771

the musicians, ahh the musicians.  i will rarely give a bad review and this will not be one of those days because in all fairness i was a bit distracted and it was free.  here we go.  i only got the opportunity to see two lovely ladies perform.  first, we had a duo of bongo and singer/songwriter.  the bongo player was not listed but the singer was stephanie scarlet and she had a great talent for song writing.  the young art star-er in the making was sitting five feet from me musing to the lyrics.  we'll leave it at that. 

Grant Park1the second singer was also unique in her own right.  lindsay appel who is "currently recording her first album" yay! was the first blonde female that i had seen sing an incredibly downer song.  but a pretty voice and pretty good at tickling the plastic ivories.  here's a slightly altered shot of lindsay.  good luck ladies in you pursuit of your musical dreams.

finally we have ms. mariella owens. a wonderful potter from mableton by way of ohio and a long journey.  we bonded over a falling leaf that scared the jeebies out of her and then a fallen bug that go squished on my neck (the greenest little guy i had ever seen).  i have been in the market for a "masculine" piece (whatever that means) and asked her what she would suggest.  she quickly offered a custom piece with a fat handle, big lip and etched personalizations on the walls.  a fair price was offered, business cards were exchanged and jokes were made.  in this quick 15 minute conversation, i knew i had met a special lady.  when i asked if i could have a picture of her and her booth, she said "surely... hold on let me take off my hat and show off all of my hair."


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Jenn said...

Welcome to Atlanta. Glad your first outing was a good one.

dcyrill said...

So glad you had a good time. Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

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