what happened clayton county?

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Clayton outlinedi'm a new georgian.  i'm orginally from mecklenburg county in north carolina and i have never heard of an entire school system losing accreditation.  luckily, due to a newly approved law, the hope scholarship (a program in georgia that pays for any student with a 3.0 or higher to go to any school in the state that they are accepted to) applies to school systems that are not accredited.

i would be a furious parent, furious student, and baffled faculty member.  in news reports, people consistently argue that it is not an issue of whether the teachers were teaching, instead it was a political.  the board members pointed fingers instead of answering questions.  the board complained instead of taking action.  i have no way to substantiate those claims but it does sound like an environment where progress is not the objective of the board.  as the governor said, this is a wake up call for the school system and as a few of the board members were taken off the board, there is a step (don't know if it is the correct step) towards change.

an appeal will be filed as soon as possible.  hopefully what will happen, assuming it hasn't already, the school system gets put on a two year improvement plan and a reevaluation will occur then.  i'm not sure what to make of this.  thoughts?

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