a look in the mirror

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you've heard this chicago raised chap on the radio, you've seen his starlit combination with matthew santos, and you've probably read the endless blog articles on this cool cat. oh yeah, he walked out of a big party with some celebs with this thing called a grammy for today's featured song (he beat out some other less than well known urban acts: vikter duplaix, dwele, meshell ndegeocello, and alice smith). so he's kind of a big deal. he had a big 2006, but 2007, and now 2008, are sure to define his growth and the beginning of something huge.

we know he's talented. his rapping is pretty solid but it is his hooks and choruses that put him far above any of the other emerging rap youngins. i would not expect much less from someone that has been placed under the wing of production giants hova, pharrell and mr. west. the latter two have joined up with fiasco to create a powerhouse group known as "child rebel soldier" (crs) and have put out a song "Us Placers," also included at the end of the post.

the gang that he hangs out with will not let him be a one or two year wonder like chingy (really what has he done since '04/'05?) so don't expect him to fade into musical oblivion but i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't move towards the production world. with his interesting, and prevalent islamic background as well as his skateboarding past, he brings a new sound revolution similar to that of run dmc with his rock collaborations with artists like patrick slump. as many bloggers and critics have said, the expectations for this "child" are incredible as there is nothing more than great expectations for his future work.


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