langerado: fairy wings and a mysterious voice

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its cold. how cold? the kind of cold that forces veteran campground hippies into their cars (or vw vans) with little regard for their at-one-with-nature synergy.  the trio was a bit chilly but that's nothing a festival buzz can't protect us from, right? that night the tweakers were a bit quiet, the college folks beside us had felt the need to unload the unruly amounts of beer into their stomachs and there was chaos caused by the venue logistics and changes in stages. adding to the experience were winged fairies with eyes that had long since lost their focus. we were not reluctant to step out that chilly night because we didn't recognize the bands that were playing.  i had long forgotten my experiences with late night cram sessions accompanied by pelican and there was a bit of a commotion about the need for some sort of intoxication to follow the yard dogs road show.  none the less we set off certain that our late night adventure would yield excellence.

we were not let down.

arriving in time to find our front row, stage right standing space, we post up and prepare for the confusion and dream like performances to come.  

pelican.  when your friends are expecting an indie band with witty and intriguing lyrics, and the possibility of a dynamic singer... well, they were a bit of a shocker. i had heard their music through hype music but still was not prepared for the performance.  entranced by the instrumental expertise, the crowd involuntarily bobs their head.  i bob my head.  d, looks confused and a bit upset that we're out here for a band he'll never listen to again but i still have faith that pelican will grow on him, time will tell. after 20 minutes of intense guitar rifts and hard hitting drumming that was a bit over the top, we here someone ask, "yo, you as cold as i am?"  i look at my comrades and realize that we had no idea if that was the band speaking or just someone in the audience. beyond the ominous voice, an incredible display of extended jams and intense solos satisfied the inebriated and disconnected crowd and this blogger.

yard dogs road show. to date my age, i had flashbacks to the classic are you afraid of the dark episodes in theme parks and mysterious worlds of show girls and sword eaters.  the strangest part of the show was the suspenseful stage setup.  Rumors flew; "who are these guys; i hear they traveled the world on a penny," "i heard that one guy plays the guitar with his blood as it drips," i just knew a lady came out in a girdle, fishnets, and an accordion.  i approved.  never-the-less, it primed my attention for a wtf performance that led to jaw dropping banjos, guitars, and yes... sword and neon light swallowing. it fulfilled my late night craving for a burlesque show.

All in all, great night: phenomenal energy from a transcending crowd and two groups that can only fully be appreciated live. 

  Pelican & Yard Dogs copy

Tune in next time for the dazzling performance of your favorite Jewish reggae artist. 

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Anonymous said...

pelican sucks balls.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

well articulated argument. they're a bit out there but still entertaining.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

there is a reason they were the late late show.

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