Vote for Curry!

Posted 7/01/2008 by Will Bryan in Labels: , , , , ,
I usually don't have much taste for Awards Shows...especially those that choose their winners through popular vote on the internet and phone lines. "Rock the vote" campaigns become the main powers behind the winners of qualitative awards that no one really cares about anyway.

But I'm going to ask you, my humble reader, to put yours and my cynicism aside for a second and go to this website to vote for a very special person who is very deserving of a big award on an upcoming award show.

The kid's name is Stephen Curry and he is nominated for an ESPY for the Best Breakthrough Performance in 2008.

His competition is Adrian Peterson (a guy who rocked the RB position while in college, rendering his outstanding NFL season hardly worthy of "Breakthrough" status), Kyle Busch (a NASCAR driver and thus hardly worthy of "Athlete" status), and Ana Ivanovic (who is actually REALLY HOT and pretty good at tennis, but c'mon, let her win something in her own country).

So head over to and vote Curry. This young man deserves the award and Davidson has certainly waited long enough for this type of recognition.

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