rocky road is a dish best served cold

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first off, happy fourth everybody. indpendence day was more than an amazing movie (will smith = amazing), it's our nations birthday so lets celebrate a great american band.

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my poor tape deck hasn't been run in about 9 years. i think my first tape was either an elvis karaoke sing-along or the teenage mutant ninja turtles II: the secret of the ooze soundtrack with a lovely appearance by vanilla ice. i think i found the beauty of mixtapes (really with cassettes) in fifth grade and recording off the radio was a novel concept, the original limewire or kazaa, and opened a world of possibilities. well that's my background with tapes and i don't think it really relates to the bands background but heck, it's fun to reminisce on the nineties and go off on tangents.

tapes 'n tapes vary from a beckish (from mellow gold and odelay) eclectic sound to a resemblance of arcade fire in a whirling dervish blender. The diversity in style, mixed in with up beat jams gives this unique band with an equally ambiguous name (is the 'n= in or and? you just don't know) keeps me interested and waiting for a second album after the the loon (which is due for release april 8th). it should be an invigorating experience. i actually have no idea what it will be like, but i like invigorating as an adjective and hope to use invigorating as often as possible.

tnt, hails from minneapolis, minesooooooota and embraces their roots with free concerts around their hometown. the featured song is without a doubt a breakup/ get the hell out of my life song. unfortunately lie shakes are not available at cookout but they are served cold and with a side of cheating. The metaphor was unnecessary but it got the job done. enjoy the song and if you've been on the wrong side of an unfaithful significant other, this baby's for you. for all the other healthy relationships, keep it rollin' and enjoy the pretty picture.

edit/update- the loon=amazing. the end.

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