Obama New Yorker Cover: Are You Not Entertained!?

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Are You Not Entertained!?

The world is talking about this cover, you can read it here

Still I want to go back to the question "Are You Not Entertained!?"

Even as many people become very upset over this cover - isn't it doing precisely what it is trying to do? Get people riled up? Make people think about issues? Isn't this why we are here?

The media will talk about this non-stop all week.

I was going to say this is tasteless, pathetic, not funny, crude, base, etc...but maybe in the blood sport that is U.S. politics this is what we want - if not why do we keep making noise whenever something like this happens?

Watch the Russell Crow clip again.

Are we any better than the gladiator mob who slowly but with increasing fervor start chanting...Spaniard...Spaniard...Spaniard?

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CtotheB said...

Word on the street is Lady Obama is now an AKA. True story...

ivies>terrorist fist jabs...early!

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