The Values of Art Star

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Art Star

Mission: To develop the next generation of young artists while nourishing the young artists of today.

Values: The values of Art Star are inclusiveness, collaboration, appreciation, “realness”, and being on the cutting edge.

1. Inclusiveness – Art Star will be inclusive of people from all walks of life. We realize that the young artist at the rich, mostly white, prep school is just as isolated as the young artist at the poor, mostly minority, inner-city school – and we seek not just to help each of these groups (and every group in-between) but to bring them together as colleagues and peers.

2. Collaboration – Art Star will take a collaborative approach in all of our programs. The North Texas area is full of thriving schools, non-profits, churches, and government agencies that have tremendous resources, expertise, and passion for improving our community. Whenever possible Art Star would like to work with other organizations to achieve common goals.

3. Appreciation – Art Star will have a culture that practices the saying, “you can never say thank you too many times.” From our clients to our donors, from our staff to our board, from big contributions to small – everyone will know that no matter what their level of support is – that it is appreciated, needed, and is being used to help shape and change lives.

4. “Realness” – Art Star will encourage an approach to the arts that is routed in open-mindedness and humility. We will encourage a culture of authenticity that will allow artists to be true to themselves while still respecting the exact same need in the other. Art Star will not be pretentious, and no matter what our individual level of success might be, we will realize that everyone’s creative spark comes from a place outside of their control.

5. Being on the cutting edge – Art Star will use the most cutting edge non profit business practices and technology in running its programs and this organization. We are committed to being as efficient as possible in serving our clients, and thus always open to new ideas, new practices, and new ways of solving problems.

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