Plant A Garden, Save The World

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A year ago I didn't really care about the environment.

Now, the really is very important. I'm an Eagle Scout and have done tons of conservation projects, enjoyed the great outdoors, and have always recycled paper and aluminum. I barely even litter.

But, whenever global warming or saving the environment came up - I just didn't really care.

Then I met a girl who was crazy over the environment. Who said that she would rather a plague wipe out most of humanity than to see us continue on our current path.

I violently disagreed, but she was very pretty so we went on walks and argued and I read a few books to try to understand her perspective.

Around this time I also decided that I really wanted Al Gore to run for President. I liked how he handled getting the Presidency stolen from him in 2000. Liked how he won that Nobel. Liked the Oscar. Loved the concert. I mean he had just transformed, even was throwing out African proverbs in interviews. But he was also crazy about the environment and global warming.

So by last November the environment was on my mind - but I wasn't a believer.

Then, the visual art chair of the arts festival I was organizing decided that our festival t-shirt was going to be made from 100% organic material. Now, I knew this was going to be much more expensive than normal and we had little money, but she was really passionate about having 100% organic cotton for the guys and bamboo for the girls. So, I went with it.

To my amazement she was absolutely right about the fact that college students were willing to drop $18 on the t-shirts. They were uber-soft, trendy, and environmentally friendly. We had no problem selling out.

By this time, environmental issues were at the forefront of my mind. I had internalized it as something that is really important to a lot of people, and to keep in mind the environmental impact of any activity that I was engaged in. However, I still wasn't quite a personal believer.

Then I read an article in the New York Times by Michael Pollan called Why Bother?

In this article, Mr. Pollan presents a wonderful argument for planting a garden, and for whatever reason after reading it everything clicked. I decided I wanted to plant a garden. I wanted to get a hybrid. I became green.

And it feels strange. I don't feel like an environmentalist. I don't feel green. But I can't wait to figure out where I am going to be so I can start my garden. I can't wait to have my first crops. I can't wait to share some vegetables with someone. I can't wait to really care.

I can't wait to save the world.

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