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css, klaxons... step over they've got witty band shirts and a seductress leading vocals. an australian cult classic, new young pony club rocks hard with dance groves that are just waiting for kimarr to remix it into a multi-song club banger (oh wait, neon coyote already did that-see second song- they mix in ice cream about 3 or 4 songs in). currently, they aren't touring or have released tour info for the u.s. but i'm sure they'll be riding the festival wave this summer. they are the perfect filler, not yet headliner band for shows like lollapalooza.

i guess the reason i picked this song is because i really listened to it passively the first 10 or 15 times on a 1 gig shuffle during workouts, but like so many of their songs tahita bulmer (heck of a name, eh?) eases ambiguous lyrics into a blissful grove. as for the meaning of "tight fit," on the surface i see a need to the classic issue chamillionaire addresses in all its grace... frontin'. putting on the layers and gettin in those jeans but what is there to do about the second half of the song. tahita's words definitely become an argument for visiting magical land to escape the need to get in the restricting skin. i like it. the message may not be g rated but its insight into her mind, the band's mind and their frustrations.

until they get back in the states and start rockin, we'll have to be content with the inevitable mixes on missingtoof and b side cuts. let me leave you with a dialogue from their website between tahita and production guru and guitar player andy spence:

Tahita: The thing with us is, we’re not 15-year-old boys singing in a garage with leather jackets and a manifesto.

Andy: We do have a manifesto.

Tahita: But it’s a lot less bombastic… It’s a subtle manifesto.

Andy: What Tahita is trying to say is that most bands…

Tahita: No, what I am saying…

Andy: Well, this is the obviously the other thing with us: antagonistic affection…

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