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I figure I have the most diverse collection of music out of anybody who I know. (I know a big claim, but I will back it up if you challenge me) So I have decided to every once in a while just put my ipod on random shuffle and just list and comment on the tracks that play. The only rule is no skipping!! Here we go!

Mos Def "Traveling Man"
A chilled out beat and flow from by Mos. I swear I have heard this beat on another song. I can't place it though. Favorite part is the hook "memories don't live like people do". So true.

Mariah Carey "Heart Breaker"
The version I have has an intro by DJ Clue which is just special. The chorus is great and there are verses by Da Brat. What happened to Da Brat!?!?!!? Her flow on this track is better than 85% of rappers on the radio right now. The notes Mariah hits at the end of the song are just insane. And just have to throw it out there - Mariah Carey is so hot in the video. Is this what started dudes in the hood wantin white girls?

The White Stripes "Instinct Blues"
"Well the crickets get it, and the ants get it." A song about natural instinct versus human reason. The instrumentation and arrangements are great.

Jay-Z "A Million and One Questions (extended)"
"In the darkest night/ let out my gun for light" Jay-Z meanders through this track with his novacaine flow. Jay gives the Latin people a lot of love on this track.

Paul Simon "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover"
Just a classic track. Seriously, listen to it right now.

Vast Aire, Timbo King, Prodiagl Sunn, and Byata "Slow Blues"
This a great song from a vastly underplayed mixtape called Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture. The Indie Culture on the mixtape is actually the underground rap scene and not rockers. It is a great mixtape and definitely worth checking out. The beat on this song is amazing!

The Shins "Young Pilgrim"
Great lyrics to a pretty simple instrumental. A really nice song. For whatever reason the guitar intro reminded me of Tenacious D.

Mary J. Blige feat. Jay-Z "Can't Hide From Love"
The Queen!!! This woman is so blessedly awesome. Just vibe out to this track.

Lil Wayne "Georgia Bush"
For me this song marked my transition into thinking that Lil Wayne might actually be the best rapper alive. It was so raw, morbid, and angry when it dropped right after Katrina. But the actual Georiga Bush part wasn't even the main event - part two is what got me:
"Money, money, money/get a dollar and a dick/Weezy baby that crack/muthafucka get a fix/got money out the ass/no homo but I'm rich/bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist/yes!"
"I drink a lot of syrup/bitches say I'm sleep walking"
"Young New Orleans nigga/nigga just don't be retarded/we done lost everything and you're looking like a bargain"
"10 keys in the beamer/got a white girl drivin/couldn't do it much cleaner"
"and bring me that patron/I don't play/ no ice/ I like my drink strong not gay"

Journey "Don't Stop Believin"
One of my favorite songs of all time. I listened to this song as soon as my bus entered the city of Detroit for the Davidson versus Kansas game and it felt like I was in a movie.
"just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere, just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, he took the midnight train going anywhere *music* a singer in a smoky room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume"
"everybody wants a thrill, paying anything to roll the dice just one more time, some will win, some will lose, and some are gonna sing the blues."

Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra "Loves Theme"
Barry Barry Barry Barry!! What can you say just that baby making music. I feel like Kanye could do something with this sample. What is the instrument that makes that little porn movie "schwicga" sound?

Oli Clifford "Bum Breath"
This is a mash up of the Arctic Monkey's "Mardy Bum" and Beyonce's "Lose My Breath". The track is absolutely lovely - traditional mash up at its best! A perfect summer song for cruising around.

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