The ipod Shuffle (part 2)

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Okay I know you have been waiting a week for the next ipod shuffle from my oh-so-awesome collection of random music. As you know I have made the claim that I have the most diverse collection of music ever, and all I have to do to prove it is to put my ipod on shuffle (No Skips!)

Here we go:

Pale Blue Eyes by Velvet Underground
A very mellow song, very plaintive and longing. Love the guitar solo. "The fact that you are married, only proves that you are my best friend, but it is truly a sin." Linger on indeed.

Funeral by Clipse feat. Neptunes
First of all I love The Clipse. However, this track isn't their best effort. The beat is decent but the horns could have been more exuberant. The overall concept of a funeral song could have been pushed more - I think the song needed a narrative.

Lemonade by Many Days Waiting
Many Days Waiting is a local band originally from Dallas but now in Scotland led by Kim and Chad Sasser. They're most recent EP "Where Growing Happens" came out last summer and was the truth. "Solitude" was one of my favorite songs from 2007. This track is more spoken word than rock, but the phrase "ahh Texas" is amazing.

Gettin' Some by Shawnna feat. Too Short
Okay this song is dirty but you love it. And guys don't lie that you have always imagined getting some head to this song.

Green Eyes by Coldplay
Another beautiful track by Coldplay. I remember this song getting me in high school. "I came here with a load, it feels so much lighter now I met you, and honey you should know, that I could never go on without you."

Rompe by Daddy Yankee
I remember when this song came on you always wanted to find that girl you really wanted to grind with, I mean really give the business too, because this song goes on FOREVER - like seriously if you couldn't get it after this song came on - give up.

I'm Lovin It by Justin Timberlake
Okay did Justin steal this from McDonalds or vice-versa. Anyway this is an r-rated version of the phrase I mostly associate with a Big Mac.

Baby (remix) by Jay-Z

This is from a great mixtape called Rap Phenomenon III. This mixtape put classic Jay verses to other people's tracks. This is a real nice track, very laid back, very saturday night chilling somewhere really cool with a nice drink in your hand with a beautiful girl.

Cryin Out by Tripp Lee
Another local artist - Tripp Lee is a Christian rap artist whose flow kinda sounds like an early Jeezy. I know Christian rap might sound like an oxymoron but the beats are good and so are the verses. Definitely worth a listen.

P.S. I Love You by The All American Rejects
Okay - I am emo. Sue me.

The Cold Part by Modest Mouse
A track from the critically acclaimed album The Moon & Antarctica is definitely more chilled out and instrumental than what you might expect from Modest Mouse. Very lonely.

Son Of A Preacher Man by Etta James
Just a classic. Enjoy it. Think Pulp Fiction. Remember when gas was cheap. Vibe with it.

Missin You by Notorious B.I.G.
Can I just say that Biggie is amazing. The dude tells stories. Most artists can't tell stories anymore. "can't look his baby girls in the eye." "people swore we were fucking/but we were just cool." Shit is just real. "the dude lived/what my baby have to die for" Hip hop at its best.

Baby Love by Diana Ross and The Supremes
Ride out on this track. "all you do is treat me bad, break my heart and leave me sad". "instead of breaking up, lets do some kissing and making up" Okay girls never say this a dude. If your relationship is like this - get rid of the dude quick - if you don't you have issues.

Thats it for the ipod shuffle! Tune in again next week for the most eclectic randomly generated playlist on the net!

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