The Boston Celtics Look Hood But Clayton Williams Is A Thug

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This is politically incorrect.

This is on that Crash bullshit.

But, son, if you had to pick one team in the NBA to run into in a dark alley, in a bad part of town, with no gas in your car, it would not be the Boston Celtics.

Watchin the game the other day with my lil brother and realized that these cats look straight hood.

Like I see dudes on the streets that look like these cats. Hell I might have cousins that look like them, at least one uncle.

Game 6 check out Posey, Sam Cassell, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and even Doc Rivers - and compare them to Kobe's Lakers. If the Finals is about street cred, Jesus and The Truth will close it out.

And just for kicks: Clayton Williams

I love my city folks.

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CtotheB said...

I think the following teams would also be kinda frightening to run into.

1. Pistons (Rasheed Wallace)
2. Warriors (The real 8th seed this year)
3. Knicks (not for their hardbody status but because they may be what's making everyone in the happening body themselves)
4. Nuggets ('Melo and A.I are too hardbody to be left off the list)

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