a*s f*cking.

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Sometimes I find it's hard to decide, as an educated person and a filmmaker, where the line is drawn between bringing the world new info about a topic or culture, and exploiting that culture for your own gain and popularity. It's the line between Rolling Stone and VH1. When they're hot, they're hot and both the magazine and the network can bring amazing material to the table. See VH1's documentary The Drug Years, or Rolling Stone's Katrina coverage for pudding proof. Yet for every Sex: The Revolution, VH1 also churns out Flavor of Love 3, I Love Money, or I Love New York. Rolling Stone goes little lighter on it's sins, but I do distinctly remember a certain reality show with their name in the title.

I thus bring you back to Vice magazine, the delightfully self-loathing hipster mag you can find free at any local American Apparel store (and I encourage you to do so, it's a really good magazine). As you may, or may not know, Vice started its own online tv station, vbs.tv, specializing in bringing you the video equivalent of the eclectic range of material published in the print version's pages. One of their online serials, "The Vice Guide to Travel," is doing a special on a very specific portion of Colombia and its culture: donkey fucking. Yes. Donkey fucking.

So here's where the earlier conundrum comes into play: what, exactly, are we looking at here? News, or exploitation? That sellout from Public Enemy (and, mind you, Chuck D admitted Flav's always been a sellout), or Anderson Cooper crying in front of black women?

Judge for yourself:

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