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Art Star Blog:
Created in 2008, Art Star Blog is an online forum dedicated to artistic culture, philosophy and expression. Art Star's goal is to entertain, connect with and inspire our readers with exclusive art centered content.Art Star's writers are a mix professionals, thinkers, artists, and activists - ranging in geographic location from L.A. to New York, who provide a fresh perspective on visual art, music, fashion, film and literature.

Art Star Writers:

smartblackboy likes to pretend that blogging can still be anonymous. He founded this blog and it brings him great joy watching it grow up and become cool. Oh, and he lives by the phrase "you can't fake real." Go figure.

Kendriana is the Editor in Chief of Art Star, a student at  the University of Texas at Dallas, full time Muslimah, part time workaholic, half time artist, occasional scientist, somewhat chef, vaguely photographer, 10% fashion expert and 5% politician. She's a free-spirited and opinionated thinker who loves to write, and dreams of one day traveling the world while documenting her experiences.
When I'm not riding the proverbial "Magic School Bus" with the destination of attaining a BFA in Illustration.Orchestrating an ambiance of everything from Dub-step to Death Metal is my means.
Meandering the nooks and crannies of the Dirty-D However.
Would be my end's mentality.
In search of the utmost stylistic candor.

Amy Kristen is an aspiring screenwriter, intrepid dreamer, and exceptionally skilled brownie maker. She is a resident of Los Angeles (though originally from New Mexico) and is currently climbing the rungs of the showbiz ladder. She hopes to eventually change the appearance and structure of said ladder in an effort to improve the quality of work coming out of Hollywood. She hopes to make her mark on the world with her words, for without them, she is nothing. Amy graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, is a trained dancer, and really hopes to one day own a Labrador named Puddles.

You will most likely find astruso. darting to class (carrying a giant backpack) with the intention of getting there early, only to avoid anyone noticing her. She enjoys all forms of art and dedicates many hours to create something worth mentioning. She also has a keen interest in politics, history, science, mechanics, and psychology, therefore she is always explaining things to others or simply throwing relevant facts into a conversation. If you ask anyone, they will all agree that astruso. is an old soul, not only for her keen interest in the decades before the 80's, but for her, what are said to be, "wise" thoughts, that and she is always saying, "Oh, you kids and your..." She is also known to make corny jokes, even if she is the only one laughing.

Brandon is a student at Texas A&M University, still trying to adjust from life at an all-boys private school. A geek at heart, he enjoys comic books, Nintendo64, and getting kicked out of fantasy football leagues. He's been writing since he was nine years old and found a creative outlet in blogging this past summer. He can be found dancing in his room to either some Jason Derulo or old school rock, whatever makes him want to move his feet.

WHayes is a freelance writer, comicker, and mechanic currently working out of wherever his car breaks down and strands him. He'll work for food or lovin'.

When CtotheB isn't on Art Star, he's writing poetry (he also likes talking with poets and going to open mics) listening to music (a little bit of most things with a strong reggae base), watching sports (can't you tell?), reading about politics (everything is political), living a life of love and proclaiming the necessity of social justice (one in the same). He is currently in East Orange, New Jersey(With a New York State of Mind).
 JDub spends his days pretending to fight the good fight for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina -- and is successful more often than not. By night, he is a musician and a TV and film buff who wishes his internet connection was faster. Mainly, he is fascinated by the direction Pop Culture is taking, especially in TV commercials. Pay attention to the things most people ignore.

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