Drew Norbery's Artist Statement

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Here is a pretty clever/hilarious artist statement my friend Lauren Cunningham ran across. It by an artist named Drew Norberry and he took the statement of Art Papers and crossed out all mentions of Art Papers and replaced it with his name.

It reads:

ART PAPERS (Drew Norberry) is about contemporary art. That's all we've (he's) been about for thirty years - stubbornly, unpredictably, and reliably. We (He) understand(s) contemporary art as a constellation of practices variably wielding ideas, images, space, sound, materials, encounters, discourse, and text. We (He) also define(s) it as permeable realm subjected to the multiple, changing, and incessant pressures of contemporary life. That explains our (his) fierce and unruly curiosity.

Looking simultaneously at art communities across the USA and around the world, ART PAPERS (Drew) scans the event horizon to challenge accepted notions, and articulate debates. We (He) engage(s) artists, critics, curators, scholars, collectors, and readers to provoke discussions. Recognized as the (an) independent critical voice that best covers all regions of the USA, we (he) undauntedly assert(s) a unique global perspective on what shapes art now. Blame it on our (his) non-profit status, and our (his) worldly, southern accents. They just afford us (him) a unique perspective, and a great deal of intellectual freedom.

Informed, assertive, authoritative, and accessible, ART PAPERS (Norbery) is the essential, independent guide to contemporary art.

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