I Love it When Music Makes Me Think of Music

Posted 12/13/2009 by WHayes in Labels: , , , , ,
Came across this new Mos Def video on Gorilla vs. Bear today (yeah, I know I've bitched about them before, but you never know when you'll get surprised), and whaddya know? I was surprised.

The track is called "Supermagic," and you can find it on his June release "The Ecstatic." This is the point where I call for someone to send us their own personal reflections on the album, because we always love knowing what you guys think. But yes, onto "Supermagic:"

Now according to the Bear, Def is sampling this song, "Ince Ince," by Selda:

Its a jam-ass song. I had to listen to it three times because I was so sprung. Yet "Supermagic" also reminds me of something else: "So What'Cha Want" by the Beastie Boys. It's mainly because of how Def fused hip-hop with Selda's guitar riffs. The Beasties use a similar tactic in the hook here:

I love it when good music reminds me of good music. Makes me think it isn't all dead.

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