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Hello Art Star,

First, a long overdue welcome to our newly redesigned page. We had a year to think about it, and we wanted to make sure you, our readers, were not only given all the great AS content you've come to expect, but had a nice, shiny package to take home and present to your folks too. We trimmed our hair a little, but we're still the same: weird/sexy/confrontational/learned/clever/playful/emotional/troublemaking/photogenic/photographic/genre-smashing/hulk-smashing/comic-writing/poster-making/good-loving (like really, really good loving) boys and girls we've been since day one. Now your mom won't look at us funny.

As always, we welcome any feedback on the page, on the articles, and even our personal hygiene. Just click "contact us," and rail away.

There's been some things on my mind lately, aside from this little illustrating project I'm working on: mayonaise on sandwiches, running with college girls, AMC's "Breaking Bad," the swine flu, mothers, and indie music.

Man, has it been forever since I put mayo on bread. Usually I shrink at the idea; I picture an invisible mirror lowering in front of me to point out the damage that egg-yolk paste can do to my waistline, but this past week, i bit the bullet, and put some Hellman's Real on my multi-grain Nature's Own. Where the hell have I been? While still an occasional joy, like cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, and humping, I'm starting to reconsider how bad for me a little of the white stuff could be every now and then. Its not like I don't start each day with a three mile run and an eggwhite omelette.

Breaking Bad:
I am an unabashed fan of Breaking Bad, and have desperately trying to get all my friends to watch it. However -- probably due to the lack of Christina Hendricks -- they rarely stay up past 10 to watch the Mad Mens. For those of you who didn't catch season two of what I think is the best show on television, I'll sum it up like this: the shit hit the fan. Walt is left without the one reason he used to justify entering the drug game: his family. Jesse is a mess, spending his days zoning out in a rehab center, and both men are the new, proud foster parents of several $100 10,000 of them. The question then, is where can the show go from here? The logical seems a combination of fallout and damage control, yet I hope there's another layer added. You see, it would be too easy, and just right for our dynamic duo to exit the meth game forever, using their circumstance changes as a reason to get their lives back together. Yet didn't they just score from one of the biggest interstate drug traffickers in the country? Wasn't that man (Gus Frings) played by the talented Giancarlo Esposito? Isn't there no such thing as too much when greed, drugs, and TV ratings are involved?

NPR ran a story on September 3rd about a new method of meth production called "shake and bake," which is wholesale cheaper, less conspicuous, and easier to produce. In terms of plot development, this could bring about a whole new rash of upstart dealers, who -- albeit with inferior product -- try and unseat our Heisenberg by flooding the market with a decent high at value-menu prices. As McDonalds has taught us, cheap beats quality any day. This could force our man Gus to make a rash business decision: bring White back in to create a cheaper, better product to use against these young scrubbs. Walt will resist at first, but when the heat comes knockin' we all know what he'll do. Now we watch to see how he and Jesse can get out of it alive.

Swine Flu:
Now that the vaccine is (hopefully) around the corner, I feel comfortable relaying to you a conversation Darryl and I had about how, god forbid, swine flu could be one of the most devastating biological weapons ever deployed, and college students are the best vectors around. Think about it: a slow-burning virus, gestating within the barefoot, pizza-fed ranks of America's best and brightest, ready to blow by the time they spread out over the country for holiday break. From there they spread it to their families, the families to their friends and coworkers, and so on from there. All the more reason to wash your hands.

College Cross Country teams:
I have found my inspiration, and it comes in the form of the Rice University women's Cross Country team. Seeing twenty tall, amazonian, toned women running toward you -- and you know they've been running for like two hours -- makes me pick up my pace without fail. I also try to keep good posture, not breathe too hard, and appear as though I, too, could do this forever, even though I was considering stopping at the next street sign. Thank you, girls, for shaming me into fitness.

Indie Music:
I've already covered this, but now the problem is spreading. My beloved music blogs: Gorilla vs. Bear, and HearYa, are going soft. They used to bring me the good hurt, and while its a slow decline, those days are surely passing. Shit. At least GaragePunk still gives me something I can fuck to.

Where do we draw the line?

That's all for now. More to come in these new days of future present. Talk to you guys soon.

Oh, and damnit, Hipster Runoff, don't make me enjoy you again.

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